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A partnership that stays with you

Where possible, we propose to choose a more sustainable alternative and if not possible, we try to be more aware of your product in a different way and thus reduce the carbon footprint. 

With over 40 years of experience in repairing printwork in all shapes and sizes, we are proud to be able to say we managed to partner up with this fantastic company. 

Rotoprint Sovrastampa S.r.l.
Via Giacomo Puccini 25
20020 Lainate (Milan)

Tubapack is with over 250 employees one of the fastest growing producers of aluminium and plastic laminate tubes. Omnium Artium Consulting has the exclusive salesright in the Benelux Try the tube configurator from Tubapack! 

Tubapack A.S.
Priemyselná 12
965 63 Žiar nad Hronom