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Marius Beune

Through my experience gained at blue-chip companies such as Alcoa, Nordenia, Clondalkin, Hoechst Trespaphan, TI-Films, Alcan, Amcor and Nussbaum, I can advise clients on packaging for a very wide range of products. This varies from technical to pharmaceutical and medical packaging. I had the privilege of working directly with the best qualified specialists in various teams and as a result I learned a lot about applications, material choices, processability, efficiency and cost price analyses in the packaging world. I am happy to share this knowledge with clients in order to mutually achieve an optimal packaging solution. My motto: “there's always room for improvement”

Dennie Beune

My name is Dennie Beune and I consider myself a young, responsible individual. I care about the environment, nature and society in which I live. I feel the need to leave behind a better world than the one I was born into. That's why we founded Omnium Artium, to take the world of packaging to a more sustainable level. I explore, create and develop business opportunities relentlessly. In this way I try to help other companies in the industry to become more responsible and thus optimise their current packaging into a more sustainable solution. I am Dutch by origin but have a global mindset. Became curious? Challenge me!


Omnium Artium is the consulting specialist for your packaging. No assignment is too much to ask or too crazy for us. From the perspective of sustainability, we want to help improve the world and for that reason we are happy to think along with you. Everything we do, we do with the intention of moving your business forward. Our motto is, there are no weird questions! Our goal is, we can always do better.